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How to use online system to Set Up your Appointment


You are here because you want to set up an appointment with Dr. Alexander and Dr. Dao using our online page, powered by our partner Practice Fusion. You will need different website addresses to access to the schedules of Dr. Alexander and Dr. Dao.

         *  Dr. Alexander:

         *  Dr. Dao:       


1. When you click on either link, a new window will pop up and look similar to the one below. You can see available time slots <red circles> to click on if there is any. If not, please select the next date range <green box>



























2. When you click on a time slot, you will be allow to enter information about yourself. There are 2 parts for information, so please click on the > symbol bar on your far right to continue to the next part. Please be patient after clicking Finish button because it may take a up to 1' before it could respond with a message. This is our partner's site, so we have no control over this.























































3. Our staffs will review your online requests at the earlier and will either Deny or Approve it. You should receive a confirmation email if it is Approved. If it is Denied due to time conflict, don't worry. You will receive and email with instruction allowing you to reschedule like the one below.


























4. Of course, please feel free to call us directly if you experience any problem. Thank you.

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