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     - Acknowledge Form (pdf file)


     - Health History (pdf file)


     - Patient Registration (pdf file)


     - Request for Medical Record (Optional) (pdf file)

Office Documents

- Application for Disability Parking Placcard (pdf file)


- Privacy Notice (pdf file)


1. If you need a refill for your prescription, please call your pharmacy and request them to fax a request form to our office a. We will have it faxed back to them as soon as the doctors authorizes the request.

2. Please request for prescription refills at least 48 hours before your medicine runs out.


3. Ask us about your mail-in order, we will be happy to help you expedite the form with the company.

4. We only accept Cash or Check as payment method. You are recommended to check with your insurance for the required co-pay before coming to your appointment.

5. Please come to the office at least 15' before your appointment time.

6. Fasting instruction: when you are required to fast before coming in for a blood test, please do not eat any food within 8 hours prior the blood test. It is highly recommended that you schedule such blood test in the morning, so that you can have an empty stomach before going to bed the night before and then have breakfast after the blood draw. 

7. When recording blood sugar level at home, you should do it for 2 specific time: before the meal and/or 2 hours after the meal. Each day, you can rotate the "target" meal for which the blood sugar levels would be read. 

8. It is helpful to record blood pressure reading regularly. It is also helpful to obtain a reading when you have symptoms like dizziness, light-head, fast heart beat, etc. Discuss  with our doctors for more information.

9. It is highly recommended for you to exercise and have a healthy, balanced diet, especially with fibers, fresh fruits, and fish. You don't have to have a condition or disease like diabetes to live healthy! 

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